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tory lanez – grandma’s crib şarkı sözleri


we was just some little n-gg-s
on and off the corner
just wanna be a baller
i was just a little n-gg-
just a little n-gg-
and i hit my lil lick
same day i got rich
then i

had to drop 600 on the whip
young n-gg- comin’ out the 6, n-gg-
grandma kicked a n-gg- out the crib
now where the f–k am i supposed to live, n-gg-?
oh god help a n-gg- get it how i live
’cause i was in the kitchen with the whip, n-gg-
young n-gg- found out quick
this trappin’ sh-t ain’t really where it is, n-gg-
i just want my money when i come in the bank
fishin’ for the snitches like there’s one in the tank
see the teller talkin’ when i come to the bank
see i’m the realest, number 1 in the ring
you know, i had it fly for a new wrist
jack tripper bubble cup, paint cool whip
these n-gg-s try to hit me with a full clip
i admit it i was slippin’ on the bullsh-t
then i hopped in it
fitted with my n-gg-s, talkin’ armageddon
yeah what come around, goin’ back around
but i ain’t got the time to let the karma get him
n-gg-, did it for a new wrist
had to put him on a news clip
went from workin’ down at mickey d’s
to eatin’ out at the ruth chris
the roaches would crawl at my crib on the floor
man, i came up from nothin’
was 14 and rollin’ with n-gg-s so cold that it ain’t no discussion
bought me a .40, i got me a .40, hope cops don’t come for me
when you live up in that jungle them n-gg-s try shot for your lonely
i’m up in the 600
my mind on that quick money
i just did my t-4
now motherf–k my po
i’m whippin’ that box foreign
you talk but your b-tches is not foreign
i’m the kid with the benefits
don’t make me that kid with the glock .40

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