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snakefight – someone else şarkı sözleri


someone else

i always think about you

youre always thinkin about that someone else you wanna do
theres nothing left to prove

i wanna take you home and keep you for good
and everything you thought i was i guess you never have should
cause i, i lied to
i lied to everyone of you
the part where i can hide and spit the lies and the truth

i know that you do want me too
and i know that its not right for you
and your face it says you want it more
i know

you faded right between my eyes
and all thats wrong we’ll make it right
and if you think that im with someone else
its all alright we’ll play pretend
we know thats what you do
nothings right for you
you live this life and theres nothing wrong

and now you’re leaving
and ill stop believing
cause its not the reason anymore
theres nothing left to prove

# snakefight

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