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s god – trappedvoices şarkı sözleri


[verse 1: s god]
trapped voices, loud noises
deem your life as unimportant
talk sh-t, i grab an axe and chop you down like lizzie borden
i done k!lled the old me, s god all that remains
all that’s left of my vitims is they f-ckin’ blood stains
2 gats on my hip, so they call me max payne
it’s the way they talk to me that just makes me wanna k!ll ’em
talkin’ sh-t like you hard, imma turn you to a vitim
can’t k!ll me, i’m necessary to the system
i do it on my own, i don’t need no -ssistance
big guns b-tch, i’m about to go ballistic
i bet that if i k!ll ’em ain’t n-body gonna miss ’em
i come through stompin’ right on top of compet-tion
f-ck your number one, i’m comin’ straight for that position lil b-tch

[verse 2: s god]
san antone now under my rule, runnin’ this sh-t since f-ckin’ grade school
i’m a bool ghoul, too cruel, no fool with pool jewels
undead corpse wonderin’ around earth
been the antichrist since the moment of my birth
flooded out my neck just to show you what i’m worth
b-tches on my d-ck like constantly
s god be a demon like honestly
k!ll on sight my policy
all you p-ssy b-tches just some wannabes
everything i do, i do it flawlessly
so you cheap immitators move cautiously
lil god i never break, is you sleep? you better wake
better stay awake and pray that you don’t make no mistakes
’cause i’m coming for you fakes, all you headaches and you snakes
and i promise you gone pay when i pull up with the k, aye

# s god

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