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rapsody – toca tuesdays freestyle şarkı sözleri

tony touch spread rapidly,
i’m just hanging on in the studio with rapsody,
you know how it is, yow, it’s a calamity,
[?] but it just had to be,
anyway i’ll p-ss the mike to my girl to divide,
cause you know what it is, man, you know i’m out of sight,
and no doubt [?] i can’t find
i represent new york shes from north carolina.

yow, i thought id make it
too many crabs in the
[?] but still a fact,
this is one is for carolina, we gotta do better,
you wanna put this on map in the zone 2, 3
[?] still very important, is the way that i see.
it won’t change too much, since the days that i’ll be,
is from your f-cking underworld mg
are we too intelligent for black tv?
you’re still walking around, doing that dumb sh-t like
i’ll be no sort of, no half, no quarter,
divided we fall, i denominate all, who divide like water,
hang beneath my
i’m the mother f-cker star rap
i’m the mother f-cker star rap
oh, yow, rap!

# rapsody

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