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pegz – the fight şarkı sözleri


[verse 1:]
they underestimated a brothers dedication
and dubbed this art form as another replication
they said we’d never make it above the preperation
we proved them all wrong and touched a generation
people loved it without a marketing budget
without, toning it down and dumbing the subject
and it took a lot of pain as a struggling artist
some p-ssing their judgement like “we come from the gutters”
i used to think it was the tone of our voice
but it’s the voice of our own that we’ve grown to avoid
when the hoods went platinum – n-body saw that
street press ignored rappers like a support act
labels knocked us all back like a door man
we did it alone and stuck to the format
we did it alone (we did it alone)
(to the format) to the format

[chorus: x2]
it’s a fight for respect of the music
it’s a fight to defend who we are
it’s a fight to the end from the start
obese creeew reppin’ the art
and the name’s like a fight club membership card

[verse 2:]
this countries about more than sports celebrities
more than politics form our legacy
how do we so easily talk sincerity
when history haunts like born ident-ties
contemporary characters left out the narrative
it’s only natural we pin down the sparages
killing them off like the city of god
i don’t care what the f-cking music industry wants
this is hip hop without gimmicky props
and our sound won’t fit into an idiot box
we got belief in eachother, above the payments
if what i’m saying’s un-australian – f-ck the nation.
the streets outside are reflecting the times
and they’re green with envy like emerald eyes
sometimes i used to wonder if we ever will rise
buried alive amongst superficial stereotypes


[verse 3:]
only a few sold out, can’t remember their names
it’s the one-dimensional fundementals of fame
some forget where they came from, pretend to relate
but i got no hard feelings whatever the case
no matter what the future holds i want you to know
everything we’ve done for the love of the music bro
and if we never made it at the bedroom studio
i’d still be proud we were tryna do it so
that’s for my man jase, spoken with mad praise
no regrets for the moments i can’t change
we didn’t stagnate, we opened the fan base
watched as this culture altered the landscape
def wish aka brothers had faith
before obese records was a brand name
before triple j gave us mad play
aussie hip hop blew up on the rampage

[chorus x2]

# pegz

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