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pegz – block to block şarkı sözleri


(feat. funkoars)

[verse 1: sesta]
i got a problem with bullsh-t and politic’n
if there’s a war going on outside sunny, said he chillin’
rappers is happy to hop on a d-ck for a dollar
while i drop it hotter, they gotta cop it, sh-t’s proper
f-ck the brag when it’s self-evident
i’m feeling at home at the sound of impeach the president
drunk veteran smelling like piddle and rummy
while i’m slapping them b-tches with big sunnies
pedal meet to divas, eagle spread eager
peace out, the wingspan’s lethal
you can ask acca dacca, she probably had a jack up her sleeve
and i don’t need that sh-t neither
so ya plan need be plan b, cause ay
first off you f-cked with the family
but you already know it so it
ain’t no point in keep going

[hook: all]
it’s pegz and funkoars on set
nothing needs to be said
put em up like knockout ned
cause we’re block to block killin’ it
block to block killin’ it
jase on the beat so we’re block to block killin’ it

[verse 2: pegz]
that’s like vents, one verses twenty cops
corrupt politicians and self-righteous demigods
with the greatest hits since brekkie bongs
and king’s cross hookers with fishnet leggings on
sketchy hons, one of rapping’s finest
walking the red carpet with a pack of lions
female fans flashing their privates like
janet jackson and axle whitehead
it’s the life of a rap star, driving a jaguar
hide in the mansion, dining on caviar
smile for the camera, fire the manager
all in one breath like trials with the stamina
don’t believe the hype, it’s not luxury jets
it’s not penthouse suites, it’s bunking in beds
f-cking with ses, end up on a current affair
with a dozen baby mommas lining up for a cheque

[hook: all]

[verse 3: hons]
it’s the return of the motherf-cking honson man
i get blazed with pegz, til i lost it, d-mn
i still use my cd, to try to cop bl-wj-bs
like i gave tony montana my cv, hons
still ripping it, while i’m steady as empty
as that pocket you’ve been p-ssing in, listen in
now you already met the family
mr trials jacking breaks at knifepoint life pammi lee’s mammaries
so understandably, i don’t need to wear a shirt that’s pastel to try to mack girls
as soon as the plane hits the tarmac
my game’s on point, i can’t miss like a car rack
you don’t wanna start that sh-t, you ain’t i’ll
you’re a hypochondriac with a bad limp, slam this
in ya car til the speakers f-cking haemorrhage
jase on the boards with dirty oars and pegasus

[hook: all]

[verse 4: trials]
ay, ay, ay
f-ck ya flow, find me at the neighbour’s home
waiting for the water to flow, so i can go and steal ya soap
see i’m broke, no bullsh-t, if broke was bullsh-t
i’d be buried knee deep, dressed red in a bull pit
i’m f-cked financially, i don’t play it up to be dope
for real i’ve gots to save up to be broke
i made a few beats on a couple big sellers
spent the funds getting drunk on enough to fill a big cellar
hey big fella, would you mind moving out the way?
ask a hill what the f-ck you think a mountain say
i’m not moving from a bar stool unless a girl that p-ssed school
but looks like she didn’t wants to p-ss through
they say booze kills the brain cells
but umm, uh, umm, ay f-ck it ay
what if i make bail? i’m bad news
like miss macro hearing a rap flow thinking she can too

[hook: all]

# pegz

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