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packy – the whole nine şarkı sözleri

[verse 1: packy]
i get the motivation from my boys winning, never did it with a co-sign
we built the whole machine, we go the whole nine
still they wanna talk down to me
like i ain’t turn a mic and a macbook into a gold mine
they don’t wanna help, they wanna own mine
they talk fans like they know mine
they got the answers, huh, they givin’ out advances
they wanna take my money, i pay ’em no mine
i am not the one to play with, i promise
three years gettin’ my sh-t tight, no projects
one year, three mixtapes, no dollars
how could i go get guac and not talk commas
i owe it to myself to stunt some
everybody ready with the, “i told ya”
everybody still ask if i’m rappin’
then they wonder why i got the big–ss chip on my shoulder
i got something to prove
i ain’t start at the bottom so i got something to lose
feel like everybody talkin’, they need something to do
i’m a workaholic, i just have my fun in the booth
never lookin’ back so i’ll never run into you
i’m allergic to that bullsh-t, ah-choo ah-choo
now the blessings coming in twos, i ain’t ever messing with you
if imma give up a cent, imma invest in my crew

# packy

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