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packy – roll through şarkı sözleri

roll, roll, roll roll

roll through it’s on the up and up
you been to the club enough
you just want the real mccoy
you were chilling with your man
he was playing my sh-t
that’s what made you feel the boy
oh my gosh yeah
i done turned into a boss yeah
put the stu’ in the crib
haven’t left the house yet
don’t try and tell me that i’m not sh-t
graduated college just to give myself the option
i ain’t met too many of my [?] really
everybody want it from me
they don’t bleed with me
everybody want the fantasy really
moe t queuing dagwood’s they my family really
yeah this some sh-t you gotta know
you ain’t cool with the boys girl you gotta go
they were by my side ‘fore i ever had the dough
now every year the bottom line add another o
i just watch it all roll through, having a blast here
we ain’t rich but we better off than last year
you ain’t gotta worry now the man here
all you gotta do is check it out, you the cashier
roll through

# packy

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