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packy – looking up şarkı sözleri

[verse 1]

yeah, yeah, hey
talk what we living like
nothing less, nothing more
they don’t want us in the game
kick down the f-cking door
they can say what they want
all’s fair, love and war
all they do is point fingers
i look at the f-cking score
winnin’ since 2010
took four years before i saw the first benjamin
see a lot of dreamers
not a lot of workers
lotta people wanna get the love
not lotta them deserve it
i don’t really go out
find me in the studio
i don’t gotta show out
some sh-t is not for you to know
team getting bigger
you gon’ find out soon
love getting to the money
we gonna need to get a room
hands dirty
but the kid clean
small town
doing big things
that was sixteen
imagine what i’m cooking up
got it like a dictionary
everything looking up

# packy

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