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packy – know me now şarkı sözleri

[verse 1]
man, what a crazy ride, look at my daily life
i know kids that would k!ll for this hand
i lay awake and wonder if i played it right
i did some girls wrong
i never made it right
i know i won’t but still, i tell myself one day i might
this sh-t get heavy, i can’t complain
know i flew a girl to la then i left her heart in san diego
she told me don’t trip about it, how ironic
i want it then i got it
never want it when i got it, how psychotic
man, i talk about the sh-t i want, then they love me
i go and get it, talk about what i got, they say it’s lucky
this sh-t is ugly, my skin thick, i know they fickle
i let ’em play, i know they foul, i hold my whistle, i’m so official
they talkin’ like big business but i see no digits
give these rappers cold feet the way my flow frigid
and ain’t no ceiling on my grind
everything i serve is sweet, you get the feeling every time
i know

and y’all know me now?
y’all think y’all know me now

[verse 2]
man, back when i was g-shockin’, fitted cap rockin’
couldn’t see the day that rap would put them dollars in my pocket
still, i bled for it
never got no cred ’til i got bread for it
never had my back and now they comin’ at my head for it
true colors, only stay surrounded by my true brothers
they do anything for me, i feel the same, there’s few of us
this that type of song i used to write but never let ’em hear
know the type of girl that i should wife but never let her near
i been doin’ fine, i’m just really in my mind
busy livin’, hope that we don’t miss out on our prime, girl
why we always gotta keep it on the low
do you love me, do you love me girl
it’s just some sh-t i gotta know
been around the block, like shaq wit’ it
had to get the money
bet your -ss i’m comin’ right back wit’ it
broke so long, i might not know how to act wit’ it
i thought y’all were winnin’, where ya at wit’ it
we marchin’ down the field, i’m quarterbackin’ it
investing everything we earn, they fronted so we back in it
the flow immaculate as always
i connect with it like hallways
used to look up in the sky, now mirrors where i stargaze
they used to call me crazy, now they call me baby
i used to have y’all in the headphones, but it’s all me lately
i’m in my groove, this ain’t no movie like they sayin’
all your girlfriends jealous of me ’cause i do me every day
ain’t no new me, i’m the same, i think i leveled up though
y’all ain’t gon’ use me for my name, i wish you best of luck though
i used to get the once-over, i’m the one they fuss over now
sun in all these rappers, still, i feel like i’m the golden child

know me now?
y’all gon’ know me now

# packy

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