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packy – authentic şarkı sözleri

[intro: packy]

ride with me
r-roll with me
keep it authentic [x2]
[verse: packy]

i cannot recall a time
i ain’t keep it real
they wanted to take control
i ain’t take a deal
ooo, i’m turnin’ up the heat
they just turnin’ up
everytime i’m flickin’
they be turnin’ up to heat though
left home
the weeds got taller
snakes moved in
and my circle got smaller
didn’t know you was a fake one
expected it from a b-tch
don’t expect it from a day one
i ain’t trippin’ no
unless we talkin’ bout the flights to pacific coast
i been livin’ out sh-t i used to only see in videos
and now you know if you didn’t know

# packy

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