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demonic tombstones – betrayed, abandoned, and forgotten şarkı sözleri

i live in a tunnel
on 43 street
i used to be
a succesful man
but now i got kicked in the face
i have to eat rats and old food
from a garbage can
i use a t-shirt as a cover!

and forgotten!

i barely eat
i barely sleep
i only eat
once a week
and i drink
from a sewege line

i’m so poor
and people are dyin
this world is so messed up
people sleep in rocks
many kids starve
many kids die
at young age!

but no one trys
to end sufferin!
many dyin
from hurricanes
fallin airplanes
and the 7 plagues

and forgotten

why does this happen!

you say you will try
but your makin it worse
you think you have a messed up life
look at the tv
and see the facts
kids barely eat where they come from
kids sleep in a floor full of germs

they die of aids
and they are just kids
but no!
but no!
you don’t try

and forgotten

this world is messed up!

# demonic tombstones

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