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between the buried & me – rapid calm şarkı sözleri


speak now old soul
distant breathing
your choice soon exists
speak now old soul
a choice will soon be yours
speak your time

darkness (embracing) our sun
darkness (embracing) our sun
the rising smoke awakens me

a crest for the brave falls in the fog
a light shines from a distant land of ghosts
they don’t want you there
they don’t want me here
remember my name?
the machine is crumbling

a crest for the brave
a light shines from a…
enter oblivion

darkness embracing
our sun is lifting
you’ll soon give up on this world

the rising smoke awakens
an all white room
lifts me from its lights
nothing in focus
curiosity is no more
“accept all we are given
it is all here for a reason”

a golden lever
a choice for gold or velvet
do i go on, or follow the robes in the smoke?
“accept all we are given
it is all here for a reason”

one last search
our shallow minds embrace this dream
one last search
to kneel in the famine room
one last search

you’ll soon give up on the world

# between the buried me

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