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balto – born astray şarkı sözleri


a dream a dying flame
my brain is tinder to the spark
just waiting for the day to start

it’s somewhere in your dress
your breath, and words down in the dark
i loved you but i’m long gone

it sure was getting hard
to see you in the dawn
glowing with your love song

staying up afraid
i’d go away some day
and knowing it ‘aint far off

i was born a gambler
i was born astray
and i been playing hands lord
that i can’t sustain

another morning breaks
my train’s the six, i go uptown
thought i saw you there in the crowd

my friends all sitting round
in town for tall tails and a drink
i keep slipping off to lean on the sink

cuz i can feel you in my blood
in the tatters of my lungs
are you somewhere underneath the sun?

did you catch another’s eye
are you slipping past the line
you know i was a waste of time

# balto

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