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anggun – surrender şarkı sözleri

been turning around and play some foolish games
i let the fire but i didn’t keep the flame
looking back to see they’re all the same
until the day i said your name

wounds in my heart can show the price of bad
i have said enough many times
and called it a day
maybe i should let you go away
just get to make you stay

something in your eyes
makes me realize
that i will have to surrender
my heart’s rolling fast
and i lost in l-st
hands up i, i surrender
i surrender to life

never felt anything like this before
it’s like all the road i took
will leading me to your door
when i couldn’t give anything anymore
it’s you i was looking for


i don’t know if forever can be mine
but whenever i’m with you
i want to take that chance

# anggun

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