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anggun – innocent lies şarkı sözleri

there is a little place inside my head
where i put every single word unsaid
before they crawl out and touch your ears
i should lie
they all say that the truth’s the only answer
but it can break your heart and leave you bitter
some things are maybe better kept a secret
i should lie
ooh ooh, won’t kiss and tell
i promise that there’s nothing wrong
believe me when i say to you

it’s just an innocent lie
a pure and innocent lie
it’s just to avoid a broken heart

well just like any boy you can play your heart
i can see your every move from the start
and just like any girl i play with your mind
i can lie
you know i cannot hide my feelings for you
and i can’t deny what i say you’ll do
it’s just a silly way of self-protection
that i lie
ooh ooh but anyway
i promise that there’s nothing wrong
and i will make it up to you

# anggun

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