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anggun – eden in her eyes şarkı sözleri

it’s been a long wait until
these changes i feel
could all this be
a dream that turns real
my reflection will tell
there’s a life within me
breathing silently
eden in her eyes
i knew it’s worth the while
i’ve put my faith in time
to cradle her in my arms
eden in her eyes
pictured in my mind
was only a matter of time
till i see my baby’s eyes
it’s so hard to describe
i don’t know where to start
what the words can’t say
i’ll leave it that way
now the mirror can sing
always knew you’d arrive in my life
waiting is believing
she is my ray of light
that vanished my darkest nights
now life is sweet as candy
i banished my sugar-free side
and the warmth that i feel
each time i realized that she’s here
makes me know that god loves me

# anggun

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