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allister crowley – slain şarkı sözleri


broken gl-ss reflecting lady’s termination.
once there was a reason, now it’s complication.
stripped of all your dignity, look and you will find;
a ghostly pale anatomy, shattered state of mind.

he got twenty years in prison, the victim she got life.
suicide is glorified by the reflection in his knife.
the hunter and the hunted, he’s breathing down your neck.
he claims another victim like the domino effect.

‘cuz you’ve been slain, slain, on lover’s lane.
and you can’t take the pain.
‘cuz you’ve been slain, slain, on lover’s lane.
to some it’s just a game.

what’s going on, is it such a big deal.
living your life like a roulette wheel.
our ignorance is tragic, it’s tying us up tight.
we’re our own worst enemy and it’s blinding out our sight.

# allister crowley

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